PrepayWay: A Blockchain Ecosystem for the Global Market

PrepayWay is a Swiss-Estonian crowdfunding platform that is offering up to 10% equity. The ecosystem aims at streamlining and simplifying how companies across industries transact, contract and collaborate. The project’s mission is to get rid of various burdens in the market, such as lack of manual reliability and the paper-based characterization of the process, and simplify contracting and payment processes.


These challenges impact the market negatively since they bring about a significant lack of transparency. As a result, information that is shared becomes untrustworthy due to the lack of a secure process. This outcome can potentially lead to a lot of issues for transporters, buyers and even suppliers. More so, you can experience late payments and disputes all over among companies and businesses. Proper maintenance of liquidity is challenging in such a situation.

However, blockchain technology brings about a solution for these challenges. Furthermore, the blockchain ecosystem is beneficial in terms of transparency, security and efficiency, and thus, PrepayWay comes through for the process. This solution is achievable by integrating decentralized blockchain and using smart contracts while undertaking business processes.


How do PrepayWay International blockchain ecosystem and equity crowdfunding work?

PrepayWay service providers include lawyers, banks, notaries, the IT community, neutrals and other professionals. These service providers make contributions that ensure continuous and proper development of PrepayWay core elements. These core elements are essential for the members of the ecosystem to use them as building blocks while finding blockchain solutions on PrepayWay.

Firstly, banks create core elements such as fiat and cryptocurrency gateways. Secondly, neutrals are responsible for smart dispute resolution techniques. The IT community develops smart contracts. Then, lawyers and notaries are reliable when it comes to drafting legal agreement contracts and templates. Lastly, PrepayWay blockchain ecosystem offers solutions to help members of the ecosystem.


PrepaWay solutions

PrepayWay blockchain ecosystem offers a number solutions whose primary focus is to help merchants, private users, logistics and the crypto industry.

PrepayWay Real Estate

The project embodies strategic development directions by creating plugins for leading open source platforms. These directions are highly beneficial to the real estate professionals who manage properties for rent or sale. Moreover, this solution provides clients with the choice to either create their website or utilize the existing one. Brokers who are in collaboration with international real estate can work efficiently by defining the terms and conditions and giving their rates of referral and specifications of their properties. Therefore, the platform indicates all the properties that match the client’s criteria. There is a smooth reservation process once all the properties have the same Plugin/API/OSP system. You can create a reservation agreement within 2-3 clicks.


Elleeo provides a platform where clients can invest and obtain financing of projects through a simple process. Moreover, this platform offers these solutions while the clients get to have fundraising and investment possibilities at their disposal. As a result, all investment opportunities in the market come together for unity purposes. Thus, it acts as an investor crowdlending and crowdfunding platform in the market. Elleeo is looking to attract investors and service providers as well as professional institutions in various regions.

PrepayWay Global Trade

PrepayWay believes that global trade, in general, can undergo a significant improvement with the right strategy. The best target is on the international trade deals from the beginning to the end, with the PrepayWay ecosystem facilitation. This system will work in a way that once a contract concludes, the agreement offers reliable carriers, insurance, supply chain providers as well as client brokers. Most importantly, all the paperwork of the whole process is under a single contract. Consequently, this will solve the hassle of having to send and receive hundreds of emails, letters of credit, as well as lading bills. The PrepayWay Global will achieve this efficiently since it gives a chance for more than thirty organizations and individuals to join.


The evolving of the ADR process with the coming of innovative and better technologies is inevitable. Thus, PrepayWay commits to dedicate time and resources to R&D to create an improvement with the current procedures. Furthermore, the newly integrated approaches to arbitration and mediation are cost-effective and time-efficient. To continue with this achievement, PrepayWay plans to collaborate with service developers to work out the frameworks and guidelines. These frameworks are essential in designing new products where integration happens for ADR dispute submission in the most efficient way possible.

What are the PrepayWay benefits?

  • Transaction transparency. PrepayWay combines decentralized data on the ecosystem blockchain with smart contracts for all transactions. Therefore, the platform ensures openness by providing the ability to track all transactions. As a result, funds are secure from fraud and theft.
  • Efficiency. The blockchain ecosystem technique that the platform adopts helps to reduce intermediaries. Hence, the process reduces cost and enhances speed and efficiency while carrying out transactions.
  • Versatility. The platform highly supports transactions that involve digital assets and fiat.


Final Thoughts on PrepayWay Review

In a nutshell, PrepayWay brings about rare opportunities that are beneficial to investors as well as service providers. The integration of these ecosystems will be essential even to businesses where you stand to take advantage and enjoy all the benefits. The solutions that PrepayWay comes with provides rest to the hassles that most professionals, arbitral institutions, digital contracts, lawyers, banks and escrow agents go through. With the implementation of smart contracts, the process provides a significant reduction of legal fees, transaction and arbitration costs. Knowing about such a platform whereby you get to enjoy all the above benefits is a plus for you.