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The side hustle: how to do it without draining away your energy

Of the many theories being promoted on the internet by getting rich quick schemes promising  — at much fanfare in the form of clicks — that you can get rich by gambling online or by buying the latest cryptocurrency dream coin, the good old side hustle is still the only tried and trusted way of your average Joe or Mary or Jerry to earn his or her or their way to extra side cash.

What you do with it, is another matter. Some people think that opening a business is the way to go. Others think that it is best to be stashed away for times of trial. All of these common-sense advice seems to come from a friendly and rather self-serving point of view: parents tend to save money for a rainy day while young and single entrepreneur wants to open a pizza place.

Most people don’t it because they don’t want to get tired. So, just to make sure, the way to get a side hustle without killing yourself has nothing to do with drinking more coffee in the morning: it is about the mindset that includes accepting a personal challenge that helps you wake up earlier every morning to walk the neighborhood dogs before you go to work. It is about accepting that there is no free lunch. 

Here are some pointers, in no particular order:

Life is way too comfortable.

I know it is easy to settle for a present situation where the school loan payback plan only kicks-in in 4 or 5 years and the car was a gift from grandma. However, if you can spend some time with yourself building a mental framework that satisfies your intellectual curiosity while painting a picture of success as a result of a new set of personal rules, you can save 20 or even 30 thousand bucks in a couple of years. So, wake the fuck up and realize that others have it worse than you.

It won’t be easy at first.

I never wake up in the morning to exercise. Oh wait, I do, but I go back to sleep. I think with myself “the walk on below freezing temperatures, the morning dump becoming the morning sweat, I will do it next morning”. This attitude got me a back neck and lower back and a bit of a gut that – if I am honest – only my wife loves. So, FYI: if you want to get it done, know that it will take some time to get used to a new routine. In the only time I got to be fit in my entire life, it took about 2 weeks for my mind used to the Stairmaster. 8 months later I was 6-packing and pretending to be cool for about 6 months. Worth it.

Do something you already know how to do.

I know that the web design course you took 3 years ago seems to be now sitting at the bottom of your old bag of tricks. Do not be discouraged. You will be surprised by how little knowledge you have to have to be sitting in the middle of the pack and how a little marketing can go a long way. Are you good at detailing cars? Babysitting? Baking? These are all legitimate jobs that can earn you some extra cash, today.

The alarm.

It goes off. You were dreaming of drinking a beer with a poster of that Instagram model you once or twice sent a private message to. You wake up, you ask yourself: what sort of hustler get to go out with the real person and not the poster? That is right, the hustler, the Archers of the world. This applies for both you John, and for you too, Stephanie: Go build that good stuff that you know you can and will pretend to regret one day if you don’t.

Some ideas

Buy a used car, wash it, wax it, sell it for an extra $300. Clean pools. Sell hotdogs at concerts and ball games. Teach a language. Translate documents. Install and unbox equipment for rich people. Make social media posts using Canva. Clean businesses at night time. Drive an Uber. Make t-shirts for events and sell them. Care for old people. Remember: do stuff that matters.   

Not that great ideas

Anything that requires one to learn something from scratch and it will obviously be too hard unless if you really want it and have a knack for it: crypto trading (please do not simply buy random coins, except for Bitcoin), dropshipping, freelance writing (unless you are a freaking poet), e-commerce, photography. Don’t start a Youtube channel or a podcast: you are likely not to be the next Joe Rogan. Sorry. Do not take my word for it nor your mother’s: if you want it, research it and realize that it is simply not a side hustle material because it won’t reap any rewards in the short term. 

Good luck.

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