Work 3 years like an animal: survival strategies for the tired and the lazy.

My father woke up at 5:30 every day for 30 years, including Saturday. He took one 30 day vacation in 30 years. He is the epitome of what it means to hustle. As a result of his massive effort and courage to be himself, he was able to have millions in the account, in safes, inland, and eventually becomes of the biggest taxpayers in his home state.

We do not have to be like him to succeed. Literally, 10% of what he did is enough. If you live for 80 years, please take 2.4% of your total days to work like an animal and see that you could be setting a future for yourself that allows you to afford more than a proud stance: a home, new friends, new knowledge, newfound freedom.


It will be tiring, and in order to survive, you may have to ask yourself some tough questions. Let’s call it investigative personal psychology. It is about hacking your mind to make sure that you can work while having the minimum amount of fun that allows you to keep going. The most bang for your buck if you will.

Here are some strategies that I have personally used that allowed me to succeed.

  1. Cooking: Learning how to cook not only saves you money but it can become a joyful experience. I recently learned that there is something called “fake fillet” in Germany that costs €8/kg. Because of the recipes, I learned from Youtube geniuses, I got enough practice now that I can make a mean steak at home and it makes me feel like a master chef.  It also connects you with multiple cultures because you may be visiting foreign food grocery stores to buy that obscure type of cheese or spice. For the vegetablists out there (kidding, my friends), it is the same and you can make amazingly delicious creations. But do not think you will be saving money by not buying meat. It is not true at all. You only save money with food by practicing making amazing food on a budget which means you will have to make a bunch of mistakes. In my case, I learned that you do not need a fancy steak to eat a fancy steak. 
  2. Flirting: take your time to flirt with people that you find attractive online. It is not that hard. All you need to do is understand that it is a game played by millions of people that have created personas – online avatars of themselves. It is not real. If you want to play, you have to make one for yourself. So learn how to use those Instagram pictures and make sure you have full body pictures, close-ups, pictures with friends and pictures doing “adventures”. Cover all of the bases. Google for Tinder profile tips and follow those that you find more closely match your personality. Overall, remember that it is a game that it is free to play: do not get attached to it or other players. You have a mission with yourself. 
  3. Photography: a mobile phone can be a source of endless creative expression. Most people suck at taking pictures simply because they do not take time to practice. What is practice? To purposely try to get better at something by being detached from current results and criticism and of course, never compare yourself with others: it is simply silly behavior that must be avoided. A good strategy is to focus on successes and using the lean 80/20 rule. Start shooting stuff that you like and modify it to your liking. Once you see success stick with it. Say you got good at taking close-ups. Stick with it. Once you get great, move to the next best thing. 
  4. Audiobooks: It is true that books are great because they are a way for one to peek inside a person’s mind, their personal Magnum opus. It is pretty awesome if you think about it. I suggest that you listen to anything that gets you to pay attention to. Do not try to listen to stuff that you do not care about and do not force yourself too much into a direction. Why you may ask. Because what you are looking for here is to become an attentive listener, a communicator, a more wordy person, the stuff that really matters. You will listen to the things that make you happy and as a result, you will be more interesting and there is nothing cooler than that. 
  5. Fun chemicals: I do not condone drug use at all, and you should not in any form follow this advice. I am here simply telling a story that has worked for me. Over time, for example, marijuana has been mana sent from the heavens because of the way it helped me sleep when I needed to. In other times, “bulletproof” coffee served its purpose. In other times, forcing myself to eat less sugar got my body into overdrive. Occasionally, I have dabbled with a class of drugs called nootropics that have indeed enhanced my life experience. I suggest that you make your body an amusement park, not a temple. Just make sure you maintain the rides properly.