Recommended podcasts

We don’t do any podcast ourselves, but we have some podcasts we can warmly recommend: – especially the episode with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square Peter started off as a shitcoin trader, is a great interviewer and through his journey became a Bitcoin maximalist. thevoluntarylife Jake built his own company, sold […]

Blockchain is bullshit

Blockchain is bullshit. If you weren’t aware yet, a blockchain is simply a decentralized database. Not even that decentralized. You read that correctly, a blockchain is a database. The only way it makes sense is in the context of Bitcoin. Yet many people are selling the snake oil. Here’s some bullshit that I had written […]

Entropay virtual bank account

The internet has made it easy for international residents to open virtual bank accounts in foreign nations. Using the B2B Pay system people can transfer money and conduct exchanges without leaving the comfort of their houses or offices.B2B Pay has made it simpler to trade in international currencies as well as receive money from unknown […]