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SatoshiFire is a newly launched website for current trends in banking and cryptocurrencies. Our main goal is to help readers stay up-to-date, keep track and make sense of, smart investments, the ever-changing banking sector, financial independence and cryptocurrency market.

Many people increasingly go on the Internet to seek answers to their finance-related questions. However, the financial world online is full of complex jargon and misleading information. We want to tackle that.

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Our main goals

Our ultimate goal is to help our readers sift through the jargon and inaccurate information. We hope to make them financially independent by making sound, informed financial decisions. We focus hereby on the topic of Bitcoin, Financial Independence and smart investments.

We aim at talking about all finance related matters where borders shouldn’t apply. For example, if you have an exporting company in Kenya, India, Dubai or Bangladesh with clients in Europe who pay in euro, you will be interested to know which bank offers a non-resident euro bank account with IBAN, so to receive payments from SEPA countries without extra costs.

A Bitcoiner may wish to find out more about bank accounts that can hold Bitcoin. A new arrival in the UK may want to know how to open a bank account without a proof of address in the UK. An online trader may be interested in receiving PayPal or amazon payments in unsupported countries.

SatoshiFire is structured and designed to answer such questions.
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Editorial process

Our editorial process is simple but effective. We find out what people are searching from the topics that we write about. We then work hard to find accurate, honest, latest information to answer their questions.

We are guided by these principles: accuracy, relevance and up-to-date information. If you come across any inaccurate or out-of-date information, please feel free to contact us.

Our editors and writers have many years of experience in writing for the web on these topics. Our team shares the same commitment, in-depth knowledge, experience and drive for financial matters.

Our goal

We want to inform you about the latest banking trends and developments, by providing comprehensive reviews of banks around the world offering virtual banking services and bitcoin based banking.

Our aim is to help you know the best bank accounts, how to open a bank account, best banks to invest and buy bitcoin, how to apply for payment and virtual cards, how to open a non-resident bank account in the US or EU, how to earn a passive income with your crypto, obtain a loan with your crypto deposits, and many other banking-related topics.