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Business Account Providers, Cryptobanking

Banks for Crypto Companies

If you are starting a crypto business or you already have a crypto business, it can be challenging to find a bank that will accept you. However, there are a few banks for crypto companies that can help you. Crypto companies require specialized banking which may not be offered by traditional banks. For this reason, …

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buy bitcoin with bank account


How to Buy Crypto with a Bank Account

Buying bitcoin and other crypto directly from your bank account is maybe the most convenient way to buy bitcoin, especially if you are transacting a large amount. Also, depending on the bank you are using and the country you are in, you can get better exchange rates. Moreover, cryptocurrency exchanges consider this method less risky. …

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spectrocoin iban

Bank accounts, Crypto Loans, Crypto Wallet

Spectrocoin Review 2023

SpectroCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin wallet that offers personal IBAN accounts. The account allows you to hold, buy/sell cryptocurrency and convert crypto to fiat currency and back. It also offers crypto backed loans. Key Takeaways Dedicated European IBAN account in your own name even for non Europen residents. Crypto backed loans up to …

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crypto currency in zambia


Best Crypto Friendly Banks

What banks are Crypto friendly or what are the best Bitcoin friendly banks? If you ask yourself this question you already understand there is something wrong with banks for not allowing you to have Crypto and Bitcoin in your portfolio, let alone buying it. A crypto friendly bank allows you to manage your Bitcoin and …

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best digital bank in nigeria

Nigeria Bank Accounts

Best Virtual Bank Account in Nigeria

There has been a rise in fintech startups in Nigeria with many Nigeria virtual banks coming up. It is now possible to open a Nigerian bank account online. You can open bank account online in Nigeria and start funding it without having to visit banking premises. The following are some of the best banks you …

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