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The 21st century revolution started with Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency

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Smart investments, Bitcoin, Smart Banking. How do you want to gain financial independence?


We believe Bitcoin can help you to gain financial independence. This is what we mean with Are you on Fire? A safe investment portfolio contains at least 10% Bitcoin.

Freshly Mined Crypto

Did you know there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in total? Time is running out, in the beginning of 2021 there are only 2.4 million left. Thankfully you don’t have to buy a complete bitcoin, as you can also buy parts of it. These parts are called sats. This equals 0.00000001 BTC

Satoshi on Fire

Satoshi is the name of the person(s) who invented the Bitcoin protocol. One Bitcoin currency is therefore called one satoshi (sats, like 1 dollar). You can keep stacking sats for your financial independence, as its value will only increase.

Discover more about current trends in banking such as virtual accounts and cryptobanking. Our goal is to help readers stay up-to-date, keep track and make sense of the ever-changing banking and cryptocurrency market.

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    How to Get a Free Virtual Card Without a Bank Account

    This is how to get a free virtual card without any bank account. These cards are also called virtual prepaid credit cards, virtual Visa cards or virtual Mastercard debit cards. A virtual credit card works the same way as a physical card only that it is created online. You can use a virtual card to …

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  • Disposable Virtual Cards

    Disposable Virtual Cards

    While technology has ramped up the online payment of goods and services, it has also brought about cybercrime. Fraudsters can get access to your banking information and take possession of your money. To protect yourself from such encounters, you can take a step forward and get a disposable virtual card. Disposable virtual cards are also …

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  • Pay Rent with Cryptocurrency

    Pay Rent with Cryptocurrency

    Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have continued to gain acceptance and now you can pay rent with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is becoming more popular as a medium of exchange and is one of the cryptocurrencies you can use to pay rent. There are several online platforms that connect landlords and tenants. These platforms allow the landlord …

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  • Best Crypto Virtual Cards

    Best Crypto Virtual Cards

    With the increased rate of cybercrimes, it is important that people protect their digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. One way to do it is through the use of virtual crypto cards. Virtual crypto cards are digital cards that people can use to spend cryptocurrencies without revealing their banking details. You can use crypto virtual card …

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  • Difference Between a SWIFT and SEPA Payment

    Difference Between a SWIFT and SEPA Payment

    SWIFT and SEPA are two common cross border transfers. Both payment services make it possible for people to transfer funds between countries. However, while the two are almost similar, there is a difference between SWIFT and SEPA. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications while SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. Difference …

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We want to inform you about the latest banking trends and developments, by providing comprehensive reviews of banks around the world offering virtual banking services and bitcoin based banking.

Our aim is to help you know the best bank accounts, how to open a bank account, best banks to invest and buy bitcoin, how to apply for payment and virtual cards, how to open a non-resident bank account in the US or EU, how to earn a passive income with your crypto, obtain a loan with your crypto deposits, and many other banking-related topics.