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MoneyFarm: A Digital Wealth Manager

What is Moneyfarm? MoneyFarm is a digital wealth manager that provides a platform for clients to invest their savings both online and other mediums. According to your financial goals and your risk profile, MoneyFarm automatically invests your money in the suitable portfolios. MoneyFarm can determine which portfolio is ideal for you from the series of …

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Aescuvest review

Aescuvest: One of the Best Crowdfunding Platforms in the Healthcare Sector

As the first pan-European crowdfunding platform, Aescuvest is intensively dedicated to the health sector. This sector represents a dynamic market that is innovation-driven. As such, it articulates sustained growth rates. Aescuvest provides opportunities for the retail investors, venture capitalists and business companies to make entrepreneurial investments and create high returns. The market is promising for …

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Permanent Portfolio

A permanent Portfolio is a portfolio strategy I came across through The Voluntary Life, one of my favorite podcasts. The core tenet is that you put your wealth in diversified asset classes. The Permanent Portfolio strategy was conceived by Harry Browne, who wanted a strategy that works regardless of which specific economic cycle we’re in: …

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How to FIRE with Satoshis?

FIRE is Financially Independent Retire Early. Many people want this, not many people understand yet how. We’ve noticed an absence of awareness of the opportunities of Bitcoin in the FIRE community. And and absence of awareness of FIRE in the Bitcoin community. A Satoshi is 100 millionth of a Bitcoin. We believe that saving up …

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Blockchain is bullshit

Blockchain is bullshit. If you weren’t aware yet, a blockchain is simply a decentralized database. Not even that decentralized. You read that correctly, a blockchain is a database. The only way it makes sense is in the context of Bitcoin. Yet many people are selling the snake oil. Here’s some bullshit that I had written …

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