Curve Card Review

What is Curve card? Curve card combines all your bank cards, credit cards and gift cards in a single card and allows you to use them from a single place through an app, a single virtual and physical card. It also gives you 1% daily cashback as you spend. Curve serves customers in the UK and EU. Its main selling point is its ability to flip between multiple cards and its support for multiple currencies. Also, the Curve card does not charge any fee on foreign spending.

How to Create a Curve Account

The Curve app is available for both Android and iOS. After downloading the app, verify your phone number and email address. Then, provide personal details including your address and country of residence. Next, choose the type of Curve card you want. Then add and verify your bank cards. To verify your card, there will be a Curve card verification fee in form of a microcharge, less than 1.5 GBP, which will be immediately refunded.


Types of Curve Cards and Curve Card Fees

When you sign up for a Curve account, you get both a physical Curve card and a virtual Curve card through the app. You can generate the virtual Curve card instantly and start using it before the physical card arrives. To order the physical card, tap the “Account” tab on the bottom part of the screen and select the “Order a physical card” option. Lastly, choose your delivery address. Your card will arrive in 3-5 business days. Curve does not charge any fee for linking your payment cards to your Curve account. Using Curve Mastercard in the UK is free but you will pay a 1.5% fee for currencies other than Euros and Dollars.

There will also be a Curve card verification fee to be charged from your card and later to be refunded and Curve card weekend fee since the forex markets are closed. Curve uses the currency conversion rate from Friday 23:59 GMT – Sunday 23:59 GMT (or Saturday 00:59 BST – Monday 00:59 BST) and apply a surcharge.

Curve Blue Card

The Curve Blue card is free and simple to use.  It comes with the Curve Blue virtual card. This card type gives you access to the introductory Welcome Cashback offer for 30 days, and fee-free FX spend up to £5000 per month then a 2% fee thereafter and fee-free FX ATM withdrawals up to £/€ 200 per month then 2% or £2 thereafter.

Curve Black Card

The Curve Black card costs £/€9.99 per month and it also comes with the Curve Black virtual card. The Curve card helps you enjoy unlimited Curve Cash offers for 3 selected retailers, the introductory Welcome Cashback offer for at least 30 days, worldwide travel insurance provided by AXA, and unlimited fee-free FX spend and up to £/€ 400 per month of fee-free FX ATM withdrawals then 2% or £2 thereafter.


Curve Metal Card

The Curve Metal card is offered for £/€ 14.99 per month and it comes with the Curve Metal digital card. You will enjoy unlimited Curve Cash offer for 6 selected retailers, worldwide travel and phone insurance provided by AXA, the introductory Welcome Cashback offer for at least 30 days, discounted LoungeKey airport access, rental car collision damage waiver provided by AXA, and unlimited fee-free FX spend and up to £/€ 600 per month of fee-free FX ATM withdrawals then 2% or £2 thereafter.

Samsung Pay+

Samsung Pay+ (formerly Samsung Pay Card) is available to all UK Samsung Pay customers provided they don’t already have a Curve account. To discover the card’s full potential, download the Curve app on a Samsung device and log in using your Samsung Pay+ credentials. Some of the features you will access include the Go Back in Time feature, FX rates, Curve Cash offer of 3 selected retailers for 90 days, Transactions Timeline, Refunds, Curve Wallet, and Digital card details.

Curve Virtual Cards

You can generate a virtual Curve Card instantly and start using it before your physical card arrives. To start spending with your virtual Curve Card, you will first need to activate it in the app.

How the Curve Virtual Card Works

Curve is straightforward and easy to use. The Curve App is designed in a way that it’s simple to add cards, track payments, and navigate external wallets. Once you activate your virtual Curve card, you can safely pay for online transactions using your card details found in the app. You can also add your virtual Curve card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. To view your card details in the Curve app, tap the “Account” tab on the bottom left corner of the screen and select the “View card details” option. The details of your virtual Curve card will be updated once you receive your physical card within the Curve app.

Curve Cash is a feature of the virtual Curve card in the Curve app. It stores all Curve Cash (your Curve balance) which is made up of money earned through cashback, promos, any money sent to you from other people on Curve, and referrals.

Curve Supported Cards

Curve supports Visa, MasterCard, and Discover debit and credit card. However, it does not support American Express, JCB, Maestro, or UnionPay card.

Curve Payment Card Problems

Sometimes, you might experience declines when making payments with your Curve cards. These declines could be as a result of using inactive cards or using incorrect Curve card details when making transactions. Other underlying payment card issues include the following:

  • No payment cards added to Curve. To transact using your Curve card, you must add at least one payment card to your Curve Wallet.
  • Reaching spending limits. If you exceed your payment card’s spending limit, your transaction will be declined.
  • Payment timeout. If a payment takes too long to complete, it gets declined.
  • Blacklisted merchants. Curve does not allow/support some transactions especially those considered high-risk such as those in the gambling categories.
  • Insufficient funds. If your selected payment card does not have enough money, your transaction will be declined.

Curve Spending Limit / Curve Withdrawal Limit

Curve card app has limits set on how much you can spend and withdraw in a day, a month, or a year. These limits increase over time as you cultivate a “spending history” and pass Curve’s risk checks.

  • Curve Blue Plan limits. The free plan offers a daily spending limit of £2,000 in the UK and €2,400 in the Eurozone. The daily withdrawal limits are £200 in the UK and €240 in the Eurozone.
  • Curve Black and Curve Metal Plan limits. The limits are higher for the two card types. The daily spending limit is £3, 750 and the daily withdrawal limit is £1,000.

Curve Supported Countries

Curve offers e-money services in 31 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) including the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. However Curve services are not available in the US but there are plans to expand there. Other countries where Curve services are not available and there are no known plans to expand its services are Australia and Canada.

Curve Supported Currencies

Curve supports cards in the following currencies: RON, NZD, GBP, JPY, PLN, SGD, CNY, EUR, BRL, AUD, INR, USD, HRK, RUB, NOK, HKD, ISK, ZAR, CAD, SEK, HUF, DKK, BGN, CHF, ILS, and CZK. If you select a currency not supported by Curve, your card will be charged in GBP.

Is the Curve Card Safe?

Yes. Curve has its own Customer protection scheme, which protects customers’ money up to £/€100,000. Also, Curve does not share your information with card retailers during transactions. Additionally, Curve uses the 3D Secure (3DS) technology for some online transactions to ensure that customers are protected from fraudulent activities. Integrating Curve with 3DS technology allows customers to enjoy shopping on multiple websites without experiencing declines. Also, within the app there is a functionality to lock your card should it be lost or stolen.

Curve Customer Support

Curve offers reliable customer support services. You can reach the team through Curve card email; [email protected] or through Curve card phone number +44(0)2033222585. (UK customers) and +370 5214 3815 (EU customers).

Curve Card Trustpilot Reviews

There are over 4,000 Curve customer reviews on Trustpilot. Users have given the service a rating of 4/5 star. 71% of its customers are satisfied with the company while 11% of customers considered Curve card service bad.

Curve Card Alternatives

Other services that allow you to combine your cards into a single card are the following:

Final Thoughts on Curve Card Review

If you are looking to monitor your spending with no hidden fees, then Curve is the ideal card for you. Curve is also an excellent choice if you hold multiple cards and wish to use them conveniently from one place.