How to FIRE with Satoshis?

FIRE is Financially Independent Retire Early. Many people want this, not many people understand yet how. We’ve noticed an absence of awareness of the opportunities of Bitcoin in the FIRE community. And and absence of awareness of FIRE in the Bitcoin community.

A Satoshi is 100 millionth of a Bitcoin. We believe that saving up to 100 million Satoshis will get you leanFIRE by 2022.

Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, save up for a buffer of 3 months. You want to be able to HODL properly. This is also your first level Fuck You Money. You want to be able to not worry about paying the rent and keeping yourself (and possibly your family) properly nourished.

  2. Now with a little buffer you’re ready to get to 1 BTC. If the current 2019 bear market lasts a bit longer this will become relatively easy.

  3. Here comes the fun part. Extreme Bitcoin Maximimalists would just put all their money into BTC. But it might make more sense to put money in other places. If you still have debt, pay off debt every month. If you paid of your debts, it’s also interesting to play around with P2P lending, stocks, real estate, whatever you enjoy doing. Don’t gamble, no daytrading, no altcoins, horsebetting or playing poker.

  4. If you have free time, consider starting your own website, side gigs, etsy, buy/sell stuff for profit, whatever you’d enjoy doing that also gives you some extra cash. You put this money back into 3.