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Spectrocoin Review 2022

SpectroCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin wallet that offers personal IBAN accounts. The account allows you to hold, buy/sell cryptocurrency and convert crypto to fiat currency and back. It also offers crypto backed loans. Key Takeaways Dedicated European IBAN account in your own name even for non Europen residents. Crypto backed loans up to …

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cryptopay visa card

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Cryptopay Review

Cryptopay is a popular digital currency service provider based in the UK. It is a wallet and payment platform for merchants and consumers to carry out crypto and fiat currency transactions. The company offers its services both to personal users and businesses in the EU and also across the globe. CryptoPay’s main product is the …

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What is the Best Wallet for Cryptocurrency?

You can only buy and sell cryptocurrencies if you have a crypto wallet or bitcoin wallet. There are many cryptocurrency wallets in the market. Knowing what is a cryptocurrency wallet will help you choose the best crypto wallet to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely. How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work? A cryptocurrency wallet …

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cheap hardware wallet

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Bitcoin Hardware Wallets for Beginners

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. You can use mobile, web, desktop or hardware wallet. Many special hardware wallets are available for you to store Bitcoins. Popular hardware wallets are Ledger and Trezor. These are pretty easy to use and allow you to keep your bitcoins safe from …

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