Everestcard Review

Everest is a business banking solution for SMEs, entrepreneurs, startups, and founders. You can open a business account with IBAN, get an online current account, multiple debit cards, virtual cards and automated expense management. Everest gives customers physical and virtual MasterCards.

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Our mission is to support SMEs and startups with the necessary financial tools to grow their businesses. We want to enable founders and business owners to focus on their products and clients, and let us take care of the rest.

Everest Account Features

  • Business account with IBAN
  • Physical and virtual credit/debit cards available instantly
  • Order as many cards as needed for your company and employees
  • One-click expense management tools
  • 24/7 Everest customer support, alerts and controls

How to Open Everestcard Account

To get Everestcard, you need to have an Everest account. When you open an Everest account, you get a local IBAN. You can then order an Everestcard, both physical and virtual cards. You can order up to MasterCard business cards. With the cards, you can enjoy normal functions of a credit/debit card plus expense management, spending alerts, and control tools.

You can open an Everest account online by following these simple steps.

  • Visit Everestcard website and click “Open an account”
  • Provide your email address and then accept terms and services
  • Create a password with a minimum of 8 characters and should have numbers, letters and special characters
  • You will receive a 6 digit code through your email address. Copy and paste it into the box
  • Verify your Everest account and then do identity verification by uploading a valid ID photo
  • Then you also need facial verification using webcam
  • Then enter other details like phone number, address and company details
  • Then submit the information

Everest Products and Services

Some of the services and products you will enjoy when you open an Everest account include the following:

  • Expense management tools. You can use Everest to monitor your expenses, get monthly statements and organize your expenses by categories and tags.
  • Everest Current Account. With an Everest account, you can make contactless payments, make euro transactions, get virtual and physical cards, free and unfreeze cards and have credit limits per card.

Everest Cards

You can order a physical Everest credit card or a virtual card. Everest physical card are powered by MasterCard and you can use for shopping. The credit card allows one to spend now and repay the coming month or you can preload your funds first. You can pay your balance in full at the end of the month without any extra fees. You get a grace period of 35 days on repayment and you can extend it to 45 days. Through its deferred payment, you can manage your cash-flows better.

You can start using the cards immediately after opening an account. You can get as many credit and debit cards as you would need. You can enable and disable contactless and online payments, change spending limits and limit transaction amounts.

How to Top Up Everest Card

You can top up the Everestcard from your bank account when you deplete your balance. You can also reload funds to your Everestcard using another Everest account. You can also request a credit limit which is subject to approval by Everest.

Everestcard controls and alerts: Order, close, block or temporarily freeze your cards, set spending limits or allowed usage rules from your dashboard. Important notifications will reach you by email or text messages in real time.

Everestcard Fees

Everest offers a 90-day free trial and after that, there is a monthly subscription fee of 20 EUR. You can cancel the subscription at any time. With that subscription, you can get up to 5 virtual or physical cards (extra card is €5 monthly), expense management tools, alerts and notifications. ATM withdrawals attract €2 + 2% per case while non-euro transactions attract a 0.50% fee per case.

Everestcard Customer Support

You can reach Everest customer support by phone, email or chat. Everest email address is [email protected], while Everestcard phone number is 0035220331927. Supported languages are French, German and Portuguese.

Everestcard Supported Countries

Everest is available to businesses and entrepreneurs in any of the EU member states.

Is Everestcard Safe?

Everestcard has been around since 2015. It is available to all EU member states and it is licensed and regulated by CSSF, a financial regulator in Luxembourg. Everestcard is powered by SnapSwap, a member of the ABBL, the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association. Everest keeps the deposit of their clients on segregated safeguarding accounts in a Luxembourgish bank. The safeguarding of client’s funds is controlled by CSSF and audited by EY.

Everestcard Review Conclusion

Everestcard is a great service for SMEs and startups that want to have control over their spending. They offer business-oriented services and their founder is an entrepreneur who understands some of the challenges that startups face. Their products are designed to address expense management challenges that businesses face.