How to Get Skrill Virtual Card

What is Skrill? Skrill is an online wallet that you can use to transfer money, make online purchases, trade forex, bet online, buy and sell cryptocurrency, etc. In addition, Skrill offers virtual cards that you can use for online purchases using the money in your Skrill account. You can set the period at which you want the virtual card to remain active. This makes it more secure compared to the physical card. However, it can only be used online and you cannot use it at ATMs to withdraw money. This article will show you how to get a Skrill card.

How to Create Skrill Virtual Card

To create a Skrill virtual prepaid MasterCard (Visa for US customers), you need to apply online on Skrill website. You must be a resident of the US, the EU member states or the SEPA region.To get started, login into your Skrill account, locate and click the Skrill Virtual Cards section and then select “Add Card”. You will be directed to a page with a form. Fill in the details and in the currency section, make sure to select the currency you normally use. In this case, it is advisable to select the currency in your account. It will save you the cost of converting currency whenever you are shopping.

After creating a virtual Skrill card, a Skrill card number (a 16-digit number) will be generated. It will appear on the screen together with a Security Code (CVV) and the expiry date. You will be using the 16 digit number and the CVV to make payments.

Is there a Skrill virtual credit card? Is there a Skrill virtual debit card? No, there is no Skrill credit card or even Skrill debit card. The Skrill online card is a prepaid card. Credit cards allow you to use money from the card issuer to be paid back later, debit cards draw funds from your bank account, while prepaid cards need you to add money onto the card.

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Skrill Virtual Card Fees

Skrill virtual MasterCard is free to all customers and it does not have additional charges. However, if you are making purchases in a different currency other than the one you use in your account, currency conversion fees will apply.

  • Currency conversion attracts 3.99% fees
  • 10 EUR annually service fees

Getting balance inquiries, online statements, requesting PIN, receiving cash and making online purchases are all free. Getting the first Skrill digital card is free, to get an extra one, you need to pay 2.50 EUR.

Skrill Virtual Card Limits

The Skrill virtual MasterCard has varying daily limits depending on currency type.

  • 6,3000 EUR
  • 23,000 PLN
  • 4,550 GBP
  • 7,000 USD

How to Use Skrill Virtual Card

The Skrill virtual card can only be used online. The card is produced, received and used digitally. You will be using the 16-digits number, the CVV ad the expiry date to make digital payments. This is how you can use the Skrill virtual card online.

  • Make online payments. You can use t to make secure payments for goods and services. You do not have to submit a physical debit or credit card. However, you can only use the virtual card where the merchant accepts your card. For example, if you have Skrill virtual MasterCard, you can only use it where the merchant accepts MasterCard payments.
  • Budget effectively. The Skrill virtual card allows you to use the money that you have uploaded to your card online. This means that you can easily monitor your spending. The card is not linked to your bank account, therefore ensuring that you can only use funds that you have uploaded to the virtual card.
  • Spend any time and anyhow. You can use the Skrill virtual cards almost anywhere since it is available for both MasterCard and Visa. The two are readily available for many merchants, allowing one to spend wherever.
  • Make fast payments. Skrill virtual card payments are fast and instant. You do not have to wait for some days to have the payment approved.

Skrill Virtual Prepaid Card

Skrill card is a Virtual Prepaid Card as it makes use of funds in your Skrill wallet. This means you won’t need a credit check to get your Skrill virtual prepaid card. With a virtual prepaid card, you will be using your Skrill wallet balance whenever you will be making payments.

Skrill Virtual Card Available Countries and Supported Currencies

Skrill virtual card is available to customers within the SEPA region and the United States. If you are from a country outside of the supported countries, there is no option in your account to order the virtual card. Skrill virtual Visa prepaid card in the US was launched in May 2021. Skrill virtual card supported currencies are GBP, USD, EUR, and PLN.

Where Can I Use Skrill to Pay Online?

With a Skrill virtual card, you can buy all sorts of products online from stores such as EBay, Amazon, AliExpress,, Steam, and

Skrill Crypto

Skrill allows users to instantly convert 40 currencies including Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds into cryptocurrencies. There are more than 10 cryptocurrencies available on Skrill crypto including bitcoin.

Turn cash into crypto: Convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies via your Skrill account by sending them directly to a cryptocurrency address.

How to Buy Crypto with Skrill

  • Log in to your Skrill account
  • Top up your account
  • Click “Crypto Wallet”
  • Input the amount you want for Skrill crypto withdrawal
  • You can then choose the destination for your crypto and confirm the Skrill cryptocurrency withdrawal

Skrill Gift Card

Skrill has a gift card which is a Skrill prepaid debit card or voucher you can use to buy Skrill products from online retailers. Skrill vouchers come in the form of digital codes that you can redeem and add a specific amount of money to your Skrill account.

What is Skrill Gift Card

A Skrill gift card is a prepaid debit card or voucher you can use to buy Skrill products and services online. Skrill gift card is basically digital codes you can redeem and add a specified amount of money to your Skrill account.

Once you have redeemed the money and the money had been added to your account, you can use it to buy Skrill products and services online.

Where to Buy Skrill Gift Card Online

There are many platforms where you can buy Skrill gift cards online. Consider the following platforms:

BuySell Vouchers

BuySell Vouchers is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell Skrill gift card online. The platform allows you to buy your gift card and pay for it using services like WebMoney, or Perfect Money. You can pay for the gift card using different currencies like Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and BS Token.


eGifter is another platform where you can buy Skrill gift cards online. You can visit the website or you can download their mobile App. You can buy a Skrill voucher within the shortest time possible without additional charges. besides, you will also earn eGifter points when you pay for the gift card using Skrill.

All Key Shop

All Key Shop is another online platform that can help you buy Skrill gift card online. You just need to select the value of the Skrill card you want to buy. All Key Shops will then help you find the cheapest gift card sellers. Besides, they have exclusive promo codes you can use and help you save more.

Buy Gift Cards with Skrill

Apart from buying a Skrill gift voucher, you can also buy other gift cards using Skrill. There are many online marketplaces that sell and buy gift cards and accept Skrill as a payment method. Some of the gift cards you can buy with Skrill include:

  • Google Play Gift Card. You can buy a Google Play Gift card and add it to your Google Pay balance. You can buy Google Play gift cards from many online retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.
  • iTunes Gift Card. You can also buy the iTunes Gift card using Skrill and use it to buy goods and services from the iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple Books.
  • Apple Gift Card. You can buy Apple Gift card using Skrill and use it to buy goods and services from App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, and iTunes. You can buy one from Amazon or from many other online retailers.

Does Skrill Have a Virtual Card?

Yes. Skrill has a virtual prepaid card. You can get Skrill virtual prepaid card from Skrill instantly. To get one, you need to first sign up for Skrill account if you don’t have one. It is free to open an account. Then tap the card icon located at the top right corner. You will then be able to see your Skrill Virtual Prepaid MasterCard.

It is possible to get Skrill virtual card without verification. However, the card comes with limited transactions. Once you hit the maximum amount you can transact, you must verify your card to transact more.

Skrill Virtual Card

Remember that to get the Skrill virtual card, you must be a resident of the United States, the EU member states or the SEPA region. You can order the card online from your Skrill account by filling in the personal details. The card is generated online and you will get a 16 digit number, CVV and expiry date, all of which you will be using to make online purchases.

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