YouHodler: A Crypto-Fiat Financial Service Provider

What is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a Swiss-based company that began as a one-dimensional lending platform. In more than two years, YouHodler has grown to be a full-fledged ecosystem with a wide array of crypto-fiat financial services. Most importantly, the platform aims to help investors make use of opportunities that cryptocurrencies present without participating in trading. Therefore, if you have your eyes on the digital currency market, YouHodler will bring you plenty of options that you can succeed in.


What are the YouHodler features?

  • YouHodler offers integration with an evolving list of stable coins and cryptocurrencies.
  • You will have support in conversions of cryptocurrencies with fiat.
  • Multiple fiat payment methods are available.
  • You can exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.
  • You have the option to receive loans by staking cryptocurrency as collateral.
  • The platform comes with a high-yielding and beneficial cryptocurrency savings account.

In a nutshell, YouHodler is a platform that offers expert services that contain features which are flexible for each cryptocurrency investor.

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YouHodler provides a wallet to store your cryptocurrency

Safekeeping of cryptocurrency assets is crucial for every platform that provides cryptocurrency service. Cryptocurrencies are the most vulnerable and prone to security breaches than other financial instruments. Therefore, YouHodler provides clients with an individual cryptocurrency wallet that offers safe and efficient use of its services. You can access the services at any time on your mobile device through an application.

Moreover, the platform makes it easy for you to manage your financial assets with the unique designs for Bitcoin together with 14 other well-known altcoins. As a result, carrying out this task from one place becomes a breeze. The wallet provides you with the chance to convert, store, or exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat. Furthermore, if you are investing cryptocurrency to earn interest on YouHodler, you will receive your interest directly in your wallet. Most notably, the YouHodler wallet supports not only digital currencies but also fiat.

How do you earn interest in cryptocurrencies?

One healthy way to pursue financial stability is by generating a regular return through your financial assets. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you can sit tight in the hope that an increase in value occurs. Also, you can trade actively on a swing trading basis or a day trading. Those are the main options you have at your disposal for increasing your investment value. However, the options can be problematic for you.

For instance, if you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies actively, you need to have proper knowledge of online trading, chart reading and technical analysis. Learning these skills requires time and commitment, which might not be at your disposal. Again, you may not know when strictly a new bull market will come up if you are looking to trade your cryptocurrencies. While your investment is sitting idly in your wallet, some opportunities might pass you.

Luckily, YouHodler helps you earn interest on your cryptocurrency by generating active earning all through. Instead of just storing your financial assets in your wallet, YouHodler provides the opportunity to make interest on your cryptocurrency without necessarily having to trade or sell them. Here is how it works:

  • Avail 2 BTC in a private wallet.
  • Deposit the 2 BTC at YouHodler.
  • You can decide to loan the coins out for 30 days.
  • You will earn an annual interest rate of 4.8%.
  • Once the 30 day period is over, you will have your 2 BTC back inclusive of the earned interest.

How do you benefit from opening a YouHodler savings account?

A YouHodler savings account provides you with a stress-free means to earn through your cryptocurrencies. Here are the benefits of the savings account:-

  • You can make minimum deposits starting from $100 depending on your choice of cryptocurrency.
  • The online platform enables you to have access to your funds 24/7.
  • You can make withdrawals and deposits with no steps required.
  • The platform does not charge you additional fees for withdrawals.
  • You will find unique features such as HODL and Turbocharge.
  • While the platform can provide you with a minimum loan amount of $100, you benefit from a high loan-to-value ratio of a maximum of 90%.

However, it would help if you met the following conditions for you to benefit from the YouHodler savings account.

  • You must wait until the end of the week to withdraw funds for you to earn your weekly interest. In case you withdraw earlier, your week’s interest will be unaccounted for.
  • You can make additional deposits of cryptocurrencies through the week. However, the additional amount will be counted towards the following week’s interest.
  • There are no restrictions towards withdrawing your weekly interest once it matures. However, if you hold your interest in the account, it allows you to earn compound interest subsequently.

What are the steps to opening a YouHodler savings account?

  1. On the section of your YouHodler savings account, click on the “savings” section.
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency that you prefer and press “add funds”. Afterwards, this section avails the saving terms, annual earnings, interest rates and more.
  3. Once you add the funds, you will start receiving weekly earnings in terms of profit.
  4. You can check your earnings by clicking on the earned page.

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Final Thoughts on YouHodler Review

YouHodler has successfully managed to make crypto-HODling an active and beneficial strategy. As an investor, you will now have access to an exclusive saving account for your cryptocurrencies. This account not only benefits you from saving but also earns you weekly and annual interests. Thus, you can expand your portfolio if you wish. YouHodler provides an excellent tool for those who invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for the short and long-term.