Nebeus Review 2024: Examining the Platform’s Features

Nebeus is a European financial app that offers multicurrency accounts combining cryptocurrency and traditional finance. It offers a wide range of services, including crypto-backed loans, crypto business accounts, freelancer accounts, and personal accounts. It also provides dedicated virtual IBAN accounts connected to crypto wallets.

Is Nebeus a bank?: Nebeus offers banking-like services such as holding money, making payments, and trading cryptocurrencies, but it operates outside traditional banking regulations.

Nebeus Services and Features

Nebeus offers a number of services to crypto holders. They include the following:

  • Crypto Loans: Nebeus personal and business crypto-backed loans that you secure using your cryptocurrency as collateral.
  • Nebeus Money Accounts: Euro and Irish IBAN or GBP Sort Code accounts, unlimited transfers and payments, Instant transfers between fiat and crypto.
  • Freelancers: Receive payments or your salary in crypto, Euros, or Pounds and manage your freelance finances in one place.
  • Business Account: Deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat (via IBAN or UK bank details), pay your remote team in crypto and access crypto loans.
  • Personal Accounts: A digital wallet for all your need, send crypto to Nebeus friends for free, rent your bitcoin and earn monthly reward payments, and insured cold storage vault.
  • Nebeus Card: A Visa card connected to your Euro/Irish IBAN account or British Pound Sort Code account.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: Buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
  • Free Virtual EU IBAN: A free personal virtual IBAN for EU residents.

How to get started

To start benefiting from Nebeus products, simply sign up on their website or Nebeus app. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and password. Verify your email by clicking on the verification link sent to your inbox. Completing the email confirmation process ensures account security. Depending on the services you wish to access, additional verification steps, such as KYC procedures, may be required. Once verified, you can enjoy the features and benefits of Nebeus.

Depositing cryptocurrency into your Nebeus account is simple. Just transfer funds from your cryptocurrency wallet to your Nebeus account. To fund your Nebeus fiat money using IBAN, sort code, or SEPA, you can utilize your standard banking service or any other suitable method that permits fund transfers, like SWIFT.

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Nebeus Card

The Nebeus card is a debit card enabling you to access funds from your Nebeus account, which accommodates both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. As a Visa card, it boasts acceptance at numerous global merchants. Noteworthy features include the flexibility to spend either fiat currency or cryptocurrency from the Nebeus account and the provision of a free virtual IBAN exclusively for European residents.

Furthermore, you benefit from the absence of monthly fees, enhancing the card’s appeal. Despite its advantages, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the Nebeus crypto card is currently limited to availability in Europe. Additionally, being distinct from traditional banks, Nebeus operates without adherence to conventional banking regulations, warranting your attention to associated risks.

How Much Does Nebeus Cost?

Nebeus fees are subject to variation based on the type of transaction and the chosen account plan. Here are some common fees you can anticipate:

Nebeus Standard Money AccountFREE
Nebeus Hodler Money Account€4.50/mo.
Nebeus Whale Money Account€9.50/mo.
GBP, EUR, SEPA Deposit Fee0%
Minimum Deposit Amount€1
Visa/Mastercard Deposit Fee4.2%
Minimum Deposit Amount€10
Bitcoin (BTC)
Minimum Withdrawal0.0005 BTC
Withdrawal Fee0.00015 BTC
Cryptocurrency depositsFree
GBP, EUR, SEPA Withdrawal Fee£5
Minimum Withdrawal Amount£10
Withdrawal to Visa/Mastercard
Withdrawal Fee2.9%
Minimum Withdrawal Amount€10

Nebeus Supported Countries

While Money Accounts are primarily designed for EU countries and the European Economic Area (EEA). However, other services such as crypto loans are available in several non-EU countries as well. These countries include Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK).

When it comes to alternatives to Nebeus, you can consider two types of platforms: crypto lending platforms and crypto banking platforms.

Is Nebeus Legit and Safe?

Nebeus is a legit fintech registered with the Bank of Spain for custody services and holds authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as an Electronic Money Institution, reinforcing its legitimacy and adherence to regulatory standards. As a member of the Spanish Association of Fintech & Insurtech, Nebeus underscores its commitment to industry best practices.

Nebeus prioritizes safety and regulatory compliance to ensure user confidence and security. The company’s commitment to safeguarding users’ funds is underscored by its insurance coverage through Lloyd’s of London, offering protection for up to $250 million stored in the Nebeus insured crypto vault. This insurance shields against various risks including third-party hacks, loss, theft of private keys, and insider theft, mitigating potential financial vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, when depositing cryptocurrency into the Nebeus vault, funds are promptly transferred to BitGo, a renowned global crypto custodian, further enhancing security measures.

Nebeus Bridges the Gap Between Cryptocurrency and Traditional Finance

Nebeus is a fintech platform that integrates cryptocurrency with traditional financial services. By offering a wide range of features, including money accounts, bitcoin loans, payments, and secure storage, Nebeus provides you with the flexibility and convenience you need to navigate the crypto landscape. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, investor, or freelancer, Nebeus offers a comprehensive solution that combines the best of both worlds.

What is Nebeus?

Nebeus is a European financial app that combines cryptocurrency and traditional finance. It offers IBAN account for crypto holders and crypto loans.

Is Nebeus a bank?

No, Nebeus is not a bank. Nebeus is a financial platform that provides various services related to cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. While Nebeus offers features such as money accounts, loans, and payment services, it does not operate as a traditional bank.

How Much Does Nebeus Cost?

Nebeus fees are subject to variation based on the type of transaction and the chosen account plan.

Is Nebeus legit?

Yes. Nebeus is a legitimate company registered with the Bank of Spain for custody services and authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as an Electronic Money Institution. Additionally, it is a member of the Spanish Association of Fintech & Insurtech.

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