What Are the Best Crypto-Friendly Banks Around the World?

If you find yourself asking, “What banks are crypto friendly?” or “Which are the best bitcoin friendly banks?”, it’s clear that you recognize the limitations imposed by traditional banks when it comes to incorporating cryptocurrencies like bitcoin into your bank account or banking app.

A crypto friendly bank enables you to manage your fiat, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through your bank account. It allows you to engage in activities such as buying, selling, depositing, withdrawing, saving, investing, exchanging with fiat currency, and sending cryptocurrencies to others. Others allow you to convert your salary into bitcoin.

When looking for a crypto friendly bank account, it’s important to know what you want from your account. Do you want to be able to use your account to transfer money to an exchange, or even have a bank account with integrated bitcoin wallets and exchange? It’s all possible these days.

Some of Best Crypto Friendly Banks

The number of crypto friendly banks is steadily increasing worldwide, offering a range of services for cryptocurrency users. In this article, we will highlight some of the top crypto banks that serve specific countries or regions.

BankFeaturesSupported Countries
Revolut✓ Exchange 29 currencies into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple;
✓ auto exchange;
✓ withdraw bitcoin to an external crypto wallet;
✓ Automatic recurrent buying
Available in the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Hong Kong (join Revolut Hong Kong waiting list)
Wirex✓ Save cryptocurrency and fiat currency in a single account,
✓ X-Account allows crypto holders to earn up to 16% on their crypto savings
Available in the European Economic Area (EEA), the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. It is not available in the USA, though.
SpectroCoin✓ Exchange fiat to crypto and back
✓ Integrated crypto exchange and wallet
✓ Dedicated personal IBAN account
✓ Crypto backed loans
Personal dedicated IBAN services are available to SpectroCoin users globally.
OnJuno (rebranded to Juno)✓ Crypto wallet linked to your Checkings Account;
✓ Able to send, receive, store and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC;
✓ Withdraw Bitcoin and Ether to an external Crypto wallet;
Available in the United States.
BankProv✓ Fully insured bank account to cryptocurrency businesses;
✓ term loans;
✓ Ideal for itcoin ATM companies, crypto investors, crypto miners, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency software developers;
Available in the United States.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Europe

In Europe, there are plenty of bank accounts that allow you to deposit money to a crypto exchange and buy Bitcoin. Options include Revolut. Revolut allows you to virtually buy Bitcoin as well as many other cryptocurrencies. Though with Revolut, you cannot have the keys or transfer the crypto to another wallet. Other options in Europe to buy Bitcoin directly include Relai.ch. This app allows you to buy Bitcoin directly when you transfer money to them. Bitcoin is then deposited to your personal wallet that you can also open from any other device such as hardware wallets.

Crypto Friendly Banks UK

Some of the best crypto-friendly banks and fintechs in the UK include PayPal and Wirex that also have integrated bitcoin wallets into customers’ accounts. However, another digital bank, Monzo, has banned its customers from buying or selling Bitcoin from some exchanges such as Binance. However, you can use Monzo account to buy cryptocurrency from supported crypto exchanges such as Coinbase

Although PayPal is not a bank per se, it partners with traditional banks to offer banking products like debit cards, prepaid cards, credit cards and loans. PayPal crypto services were launched for UK customers in August 2021. As a PayPal customer, you will be able to buy, hold and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from your PayPal account. The PayPal cryptocurrency service in the UK allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency worth up to £15,000 per transaction and £35,000 a year.

Monese cryptocurrency: Monese bank has been in talks with crypto exchanges for possible partnerships. However, the bank has said that it has no immediate plans to launch cryptocurrency products.

revolut cryptocurrency banking

Crypto Friendly Banks United States

Crypto-friendly banks in the USA are on the rise with consumer solutions such as BankProv, Juno (formerly OnJuno), and Kraken Bank (not yet lauched).

  • Juno offers bitcoin checking account with integrated bitcoin wallet in the US. You can directly buy, sell and send bitcoin via Juno app. The account also accepts cryptocurrency deposits.
  • BankProv is a bank that specializes in serving various types of cryptocurrency businesses in the US, including Bitcoin ATM companies, crypto investors, miners, and exchanges.
  • Current is a mobile banking app in the US that provides a checking account specifically designed for buying and selling bitcoin.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Canada

There are crypto friendly banks in Canada. Most of them offer crypto friendly banking services to individual consumers. The most common crypto friendly service is the ability to sell and buy cryptocurrency with a bank account in Canada. At the moment, however, it is very difficult to open an account for cryptocurrency businesses in Canada.

Cryptocurrency friendly banks in Canada include the following:

  • The National Bank of Canada. The bank allows its customers to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. The bank support crypto trading for its clients using the following payment methods: credit and debit card, wire transfer and interac e-transfer.
  • Royal Bank of Canada. This is one of the banks that supports buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with debit card and interac e-transfer. Unfortunately, you can not use wire transfer or credit card.
  • Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank). As a TD Bank account holder, you will be able to buy cryptos from cryptocurrency exchanges using interac e-transfer, credit/debit card and wire transfer.
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank). If you are a customer of the bank, you can buy cryptocurrencies with a debit card and interac e-transfer. You can also use wire transfer if the cryptocurrency exchange is in Canada.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Australia

Cryptocurrencies have not gained widespread acceptance by Australian financial institutions. For example, many leading banks have refused to do business with cryptocurrency businesses. However, it is possible for you to buy or sell cryptos with Australian crypto friendly banks, such as:

  • Commonwealth Bank. In 2011, the bank became the first major Australian bank that accepts bitcoin by allowing you to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency. It has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to enable you to access Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via CommBank app.
  • Volt Bank. This is an Australian neobank. Volt currently has no restrictions on the purchase of cryptocurrencies for our customers. To make purchases, all you will need to do is withdraw via a bank transfer to the exchange where you are purchasing the currency.
  • Westpac Bank. You can deposit Australian dollar into cryptocurrency exchange like CoinSpot. After connecting your Westpac account to the exchange, you will be able to make deposits and fiat withdrawals to your Westpac account.

Which Bank is Crypto Friendly in Italy?

  • Hype. HYPE S.P.A. is a crypto-friendly bank in Italy that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin in Italy. As a regulated electronic money institution overseen by the Bank of Italy, HYPE S.P.A. focuses on providing e-money accounts, payment cards, and personal accounts with IBAN numbers.
  • Fineco Bank. Fineco Bank is a leading Italian bank that offers a wide range of financial services, including cryptocurrency trading. Its cryptocurrency trading options include CFDs on Bitcoin futures, Knock Out Options, and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) linked to Bitcoin.
  • Banca Generali. It is one of Italy’s major private banks, offers a wide range of financial services, including cryptocurrency options. Through its partnership with Conio, operating as BG Conio, the bank allows you to buy and sell bitcoin in Italy using your current account.

Which Bank Is Crypto-Friendly in Germany?

  • N26 allows you to manage and monitor both cash and crypto in one place through the N26 app. N26 Crypto allows you to convert your cash into crypto and vice versa.
  • Revolut offers crypto services that allow you to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies directly from Revolut app. With Revolut Crypto, you can easily manage your crypto portfolio and engage in crypto transactions with convenience.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Switzerland

Swittzerland is one of the most cryptofriendly countires in Europe. There are a number of banks in Switzerland that accept crypto including the following:

  • SEBA, rebranded to Amina Bank, is a Swiss digital bank that offers integrated crypto and fiat banking services. With Amina, you can manage both fiat money and cryptocurrencies through their Amina crypto wallet and Amina card.
  • Sygnum specializes in supporting institutional and private investors, as well as corporates, in their digital asset investments. The bank provides a comprehensive range of crypto banking services, including crypto custody, crypto brokerage, crypto-backed loans, and dedicated bank accounts designed specifically for cryptocurrency businesses (B2B crypto).

Crypto Friendly Banks in Singapore

  • Revolut is a leading online bank known for its cryptocurrency services. Available to residents of Singapore, Revolut allows you to buy, sell, spend, and receive cryptocurrency in your account. They also provide a crypto debit card.
  • Wirex is a UK-based fintech that offers a cryptocurrency bank account in Singapore, allowing you to store both crypto and fiat currency in a single account. With Wirex’s X-Accounts feature, you can earn up to 16% interest on your crypto savings.
  • DBS Bank’s DBS Digital Exchange (DDEX) platform enables easy crypto buying and selling in Singapore, primarily catering to financial institutions, corporate accredited investors, and professional market makers.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Hong Kong

  • ZA Bank in Hong Kong acts as a settlement bank for crypto companies, offering services for crypto-fiat conversions in partnership with licensed exchanges HashKey and OSL. This allows cryptocurrency businesses in Hong Kong to easily convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.
  • Revolut is coming to Hong Kong. There is a waiting list on Revolut website that you can easily join.
  • HSBC Hong Kong now allows you to invest in bitcoin through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Crypto Friendly Banks in Philippines

  • UnionBank of the Philippines provides you with bitcoin custody and trading services. You can conveniently purchase and sell bitcoin directly through the bank’s mobile banking app.
  • UNO Digital Bank, a Philippine digital bank, has plans to introduce cryptocurrency investments on its app by 2024. This feature will enable you to invest in bitcoin.

Other Crypto Friendly Banking Solution solutions are available if you are looking for Crypto Friendly Business Accounts. You can also take a look at Best Bank Account for Cryptocurrency.

Are there any banks that accept crypto?

Yes, there are banks that accept crypto. Some banks offer services such as cryptocurrency custody, cryptocurrency trading platforms, crypto cards, or even direct integration of cryptocurrency accounts within your account.

Do banks lend against crypto?

Yes, some banks and crypto lending platforms do offer lending services against cryptocurrency assets. This type of lending is commonly known as crypto loans. Find out where you can obtain cryptocurrency-backed loans.

Is N26 crypto-friendly?

Yes, N26's banking app enables you to manage, trade, and monitor both cash and crypto in a single place. You also have the flexibility to convert between cash and crypto.

Is Monzo crypto friendly?

Yes, Monzo is crypto-friendly, although it has not integrated cryptocurrency on its banking app like Revolut or N26. You can use Monzo to buy cryptocurrency from exchanges like Coinbase. However, Monzo does not allow you to buy from Binance.

Is TD Bank crypto friendly?

TD Bank is crypto friendly in the sense that it allows you to use debit cards and Interac e-Transfer to fund cryptocurrency purchases on regulated exchanges. However, TD Bank does not offer direct cryptocurrency services, such as buying or selling cryptocurrencies, through their platform.

Which banks are crypto-friendly banks for business?

There are a number of crypto-friendly banks for business, but some of the most popular include: Wirex, BankProv, Mercury, Cashaa, Multis, Bankera, Amina, and Sygnum.

Which banks in Australia are crypto friendly?

Crypto friendly banks in Australia include Commonwealth Bank, Volt Bank, and Westpac Bank.

Which Canadian banks allow cryptocurrency?

Crypto friendly banks in Canada include the following: The National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank), and Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank).

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