Select the Right Crypto Virtual Cards: Unlocking Benefits and Possibilities

With the increased rate of cybercrime, it is important that people protect their digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. One way to do it is through the use of virtual crypto cards. Virtual crypto cards are digital cards that you can use to spend cryptocurrencies without revealing your banking details.

You can use crypto virtual card to convert cryptocurrencies to different fiat money and make online and in-store purchases. There are many crypto virtual card providers that can help you with this. We will be focusing on what a virtual crypto card is, how it works, and provide you with a list of some of the best crypto virtual cards and the services they offer.

What is a Crypto Virtual Card?

Crypto virtual card is a digital card that you can use to make online and in-store payments using cryptocurrencies. Virtual crypto card allows you to spend digital assets the same way credit card and debit cardholders would spend.

How Does a Crypto Virtual Card Work?

You can use your crypto virtual card to do the following:

  • Make purchases online and in stores: You can use your crypto virtual card to make purchases online at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard.
  • Add it to mobile wallets: You can add your crypto virtual card to mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Transfer funds: You can transfer funds from your crypto wallet to your crypto virtual card. This allows you to use your cryptocurrency to make purchases without having to sell it first.
  • Earn cashback and discounts: Some crypto virtual card providers offer cashback and discounts on your purchases.

Best Crypto Virtual Cards

The following are some of the best virtual crypto cards you can consider using:

Wirex Crypto Virtual Card

Wirex offers a virtual debit crypto card that works just like a regular debit card. It allows you to spend both cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies for purchases in physical stores and online. You can use local currencies for these transactions. Along with cryptocurrencies, Wirex also supports fiat currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR.

Wirex card comes with no upfront cost, is accepted in 150+ countries, and provides real-time POS conversion for potential savings on international purchases. With up to 8% instant crypto reward, it allows you to earn passive income and grow your crypto holdings. The card has no monthly fees, zero exchange fees for international transactions, and provides up to $200 in free monthly ATM withdrawals.

Wirex is available in more than 130 countries globally, but the availability of the Wirex card varies depending on the country. Currently, the Wirex virtual card is available in countries like the United Kingdom, several European Union member states, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

CryptoPay Crypto Virtual Card

Cryptopay is an online cryptocurrency exchange that offers crypto virtual card. The crypto card comes with contactless features. It also has 3D Secure protection to keep your card safe from unauthorized use. Since it’s a prepaid card, you’ll need to add funds before using it. Topping up is easy and can be done from your Cryptopay account, Skrill account, PayPal, or another card.

It also supports fiat currency and is available in 122 countries. If you’re in the UK, you can choose between EUR and GBP cards, while EEA users can get the EUR card. These cards are valid for three years.

Daily load limit is £8k / €8,8k, maximum balance is £45k / €50k and single daily spend is £27k / €30k.

Kinesis Crypto Virtual Card

Kinesis crypto virtual card is a platform that allows you to transact gold, silver and crypto online and in-store. When you use the Kinesis virtual card, your cryptocurrency, Gold, and Silver are instantly converted into fiat currency at the point of sale.

Kinsesis crypto virtual card comes with high daily limits. You can spend up to €15,000 every day and over €400,000 every month. There are no monthly fees to use the Kinesis card. It is aailable in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Oceania, and Latin America.

Zumo Crypto Virtual Credit Card

Zumo is a crypto virtual card in the UK that allows you to make purchases at any online retailer which accepts Visa. The Zumo app converts Bitcoin or Ether to GBP (or vice versa) whilst the virtual Visa card lets you spend your pounds. To use this card, there is a small fee of £2 per month, or a £20 annual fee.

The Card, formerly known as MCO crypto card, allows you to spend your cryptocurrency and earn crypto rewards ranging from 1% to 8%. It’s offered by and comes with fantastic perks and high rewards rates, which increase based on your investment level.

This prepaid crypto debit card is available in the UK, US, Canada, EU, Australia, and Singapore, making it accessible to users in multiple countries.

Summary of Crypto Virtual Cards

Crypto virtual cards can help you spend and make online and in-store purchases. They make it easy for you to pay and spend, since you don’t need to convert your crypto to fiat currency before transacting. Some virtual crypto card providers also offer physical cards which you can use to withdraw money from an ATM. It is free to create a virtual crypto card, and you can use it to hold and spend money.

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Crypto Virtual Cards FAQs

What is virtual crypto card?

A virtual crypto card is a digital prepaid debit card that lets you spend your cryptocurrency for online and in-store purchases. It's issued by cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions.

How do crypto cards work?

Crypto cards are prepaid debit cards that allow you to spend your cryptocurrency. Crypto cards are prepaid debit cards that allow you to spend your cryptocurrency.

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