Visa Card Review [The MCO Visa Card Review]

The Card (formerly MCO Visa Card) is a crypto card that lets you spend your crypto and earn between 1% and 8% back in crypto rewards. Offerd by, the Visa Card is ideal for investors who want a variety of useful perks and high rewards rate (the more you invest, the more you get back). The prepaid debit card is available in the UK, the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, and Singapore. card benefits

  • card has no annual fees.
  • Spend cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin with prepaid Visa debit card.
  • Depending on your card level, you get fee reimbursement for Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Amazon Prime, Expedia, free ATM withdrawals, unlimited LoungeKey airport lounge access, etc.
  • Earn crypto rewards up to 8% when spending with card.

How to Get a Card

To apply for a Card, you first set up your account on website and complete their Know Your Customer verification. How long does take to verify your account? The verification process may take a few minutes up to 2 or 3 hours.

Next, you can make card top up by purchasing tokens (CRO) with fiat money, debit or credit cards, or using other cryptocurencies. Then, head to the ‘Card’ tab in the App and choose your desired Visa Card. card top up fees vary depending on location. For instance, there are no card top up fees if you use credit/debit cards in the UK or EU while in the US a 2.99% fee will be charged for credit card top-ups.

Next, tap the ‘stake CRO’ button and follow the instructions given to get your card. The first card is always free regardless of the tier you choose. However, you will pay a fee for subsequent cards. It will take about one or two weeks to receive your card. Staking CRO is the process of allowing your tokens (CRO) to conduct verifications on the platform to earn crypto rewards. card pending: Your card can be pending for a longer period depending on many factors (e.g. your country of application, nationality, quality of the pictures, etc.).

How the Card Works or How to Use Card

The Visa Card is a prepaid debit card and you have to first load funds on it before you can use it. You can choose to top it up with fiat money or cryptocurrency. The card has five different tiers, each with its staking requirements, its crypto reward, and its benefits. Each card level requires you to stake a certain amount of the platform’s cryptocurrency ( Coin/CRO) for 180 days in return for CRO rewards. You are able to get a virtual card and physical card (metal).

Any time you spend with your card, you earn rewards which are deposited into your account instantly. The coins can be traded on the platform for other digital coins or can be converted into US dollars or any other fiat currency for spending. The following table shows the available card tiers, card requirements for staking, amount of crypto rewards you earn, and their benefits.

Airport lounge access with Airport Lounge Access is one of the benefits that come with premium metal Visa Cards,wich covers more than 1,100 lounges in over 500 airports around the world.

Midnight Blue$01%Free ATM withdrawals
Ruby Steel$4002%Spotify fee reimbursement, free ATM withdrawals
Royal Indigo and Jade Green$4,0003%Spotify fee reimbursement, Netflix fee reimbursement, Unlimited LoungeKey airport lounge access, free ATM withdrawals
Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White$40,0005%Spotify fee reimbursement, Netflix fee reimbursement, Amazon Preme fee reimbursement, Expedia reimbursement, Unlimited LoungeKey airport lounge access, Private services, Exclusive merchandise welcome pack, free ATM withdrawals
Obsidian$400,0008%Spotify fee reimbursement, Netflix fee reimbursement, Amazon Prime fee reimbursement, Expedia reimbursement, Airbnb reimbursements, Unlimited LoungeKey airport lounge access, Private services, Exclusive merchandise welcome pack, Private jet benefts, free ATM withdrawals card declined by issuer: Sometimes your Visa card can be declined if your have insufficient funds in your bank account or your bank doesn’t allow its customers to buy cryptocurrency.

The Mobile App

The Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS. The app is easy to use and it shows all the information regarding your card (the status of your card, your staked amount, and the history of your recent transactions). Generally, you can use the App to register for a card, staking, upgrading and downgrading between card tiers, topping up your card, checking the card balance, viewing the card’s PIN, and managing CRO. Card Supported Countries card countries are over 90 including Austria, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Cyprus, Iceland, Germany, Australia, Estonia, Croatia, and Romania. Other supported countries are Canada, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria, France, Singapore, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Poland. The card can be used virtually anywhere. Since Visa cards are accepted in over 200 countries and at over 60 million merchants, it is likely that you can use the card in most places. The list of supported countries is constantly updated depending on legal status changes in different countries. Supported Currencies currency list includes cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Supported crypto include Bitcoin, iEarn, Litecoin, Ethereum, Fantom, Bitcoin Cash, Augur, USD Coin, Akropolis, Labra, NEM, Nano, Aave, Nest, Icon, Helium, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Dia, Paxos Standard, Polkadot, Ripple, and more. . There are over 20 supported fiat currencies that can buy digital assets or be stored in your wallet. They include USD, SGD, NZD, HKD, TWD, NOK, SEK, DKK, PLN, CHF, ZAR, RUB, BGN, RON, ILS, SAR, AED, HUF, CZK, BRL, GBP, CAD, AUD, EUR, and TRY.

The Card Funding Methods

Being a prepaid card, you will need to top up your card before you use it. You can fund it by bank account transfers, PayPal, credit /debit card, or your portfolio. Card Fees and Limits Card Fees

The Visa card charges low fees for its services. Some of the fees to expect include the following:

Initial card set up Free
Shipping Free
Monthly/Annual maintenanceFree
Card loadingFree
Domestic transactionsFree up to a certain limit depending on the card tier
Card inactivity fee£5.00, ₤5.00, or $4.95 if you do not use your card at least once in a year
Card replacement$10 for Midnight Blue and $70 for the other card tiers and an equivalent amount in GBP and EUR ATM withdrawalsFree up to a certain limit depending on the card tier. Additional withdrawals have a 2% fee Card Limits

The is subject to some limits. They are as follows:

Maximum card balance£22,000₤25,000$25,000
Top-up daily limit£22,000₤25,000$10,000
Top-up weekly limit£22,000₤25,000$25,000
Top-up yearly limit£220,000₤250,000
ATM daily withdrawal limit£1,800₤2,000$500 for the Midnight Blue card but higher limits for the other card tiers
ATM weekly withdrawal limit£9,000₤10,000$5000 for the Midnight Blue card but higher for the other card types
ATM yearly withdrawal limit£66,000₤75,000

The Free monthly ATM withdrawal limits are tied to the type of tier you choose. After that limit, you will pay a 2% fee.

Midnight Blue£180₤200$200
Ruby Steel£360₤400$400
Royal Indigo£720₤800$800
Jade Green£720₤800$800
Icy White£720₤800$1,000
Rose Gold£720₤800$1,000
Obsidian Black£900₤1,000$1,000

Is the Card Safe?

Yes. The platform is keen on security. Cryptocurrencies held on the site are stored offline and are insured against damage and theft up to $500 million. Moving crypto is protected in multi-signature HSM wallets. Additionally, there is a’s staff that actively monitors suspicious transactions and seeks manual approval for voluminous transactions.

In January 2022, was hacked and made to approve roughly $35 million in fraudulent transactions, affecting 483 of its users and costing the company an unspecified amount in reimbursements. Card Customer Service has a reliable customer support system to ensure that clients are well served in case of any problem or inquiry. has a FAQs section where many questions concerning the card have been addressed. Alternatively, you can reach the support team via live chat in the App. also offers support through Facebook, Twitter, email, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Visa Card Reviews is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange that offers crypto Visa cards on top of its other services. As of the time of writing this crypto Visa card review, the company had poor rating of 2.1 out of 5 from over 5,000 users. Only 22% of its users were satisfied with its services while 63% of users rated services as bad. Common complaints from customers include delays in delivering the card, hidden charges, loss of funds, and poor customer service. Card Alternatives

The Visa card is a great card that gives access to the best rewards compared to other cards. However, these rewards are dependent on staking the CRO token. If this sounds more of a deal breaker to you, you can choose an alternative card. Also, if the Visa card does not meet your needs, you can check the following alternatives:

You can also go for crypto friendly bank accounts if you want additional services that are not possible with card.

  • Revolut is more advanced and also comes with a multi-currency account including your own bank account numbers. The Crypto feature is mostly for investing though and is less advanced.

Final Thoughts on the Visa PreCard

Being among the first crypto cards, the Visa card brings tons of rewards into your life, making your daily life comfortable. It is also one of the most flexible crypto cards available (it is compatible with more than 90 different cryptocurrencies).You can use this card anywhere Visa is accepted.