How to Get Neteller Virtual Card

Neteller is an online wallet that you can use to make online purchases and payments. Neteller virtual card is not a physical card and as such, it is generated online. It works almost the same as a bank account but it is only used for online payments online. You cannot use it to make offline transactions like withdrawals. It is more secure than physical cards and allows one to set spending limits.

How to Create Neteller Virtual Card

Unlike physical cards, the process of ordering a Neteller virtual credit card is different. You can create a virtual credit card from your Neteller account. You first need to complete Neteller sign up process. After finishing Neteller sign up, go to Neteller login page, once you have logged on, locate and click “NET+ cards” and select Virtual cards.

The next thing you need to do is to select your desired currency and personal details like a name. You must also set a lifetime limit. This is the maximum amount you can spend on online shopping.

How to Use Neteller Virtual Card

Neteller virtual card is an e-wallet that you can use for most of your online transactions. The following are some of the ways you can use your virtual card.

  • Make online payments. You can pay for goods and services online using Neteller virtual card. You will be using the money you have uploaded to your account. You can make payments to merchants who accept your card. For instance, if you have Net+ Prepaid Virtual MasterCard, you can use it to make payments where MasterCard physical cards are accepted.
  • Make fast payments. Virtual cards make faster payments and you do not have to wait for several business days to complete a transaction.

Neteller Virtual Card Fees

The first Neteller virtual card is absolutely free. You do not have also to pay an activation fee or shipping fee since it is not a physical card. However, you can add up to 5 more netter virtual cards. Any additional Neteller virtual card costs 3 EUR. Making payments using a different currency attracts a 3.99% fee.
Other transactions like balance inquiries, online statements, online purchases, requesting PIN and receiving cash.

Neteller Virtual Prepaid MasterCard

You can create a virtual prepaid Neteller MasterCard. After that, you can add up to 5 more virtual prepaid cards. You can also set limits on how you want to spend for each card. You will be charged 2.50 euros for every virtual card you create after the first one, which is free.

Neteller Virtual Prepaid Limits

Neteller virtual prepaid cards have limits. This is the maximum amount you can spend. You can spend up to 6,300 euros, 7,000 USD and 4,550 within 24 hours with the Neteller virtual prepaid MasterCard that is verified. If your virtual card has not yet been verified, you can only spend a maximum lifetime amount of 520 GBP, 800 USD and 720 EUR.

Neteller Virtual Prepaid Card Available Countries

The Neteller virtual prepaid card is available to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) member states. However, they can access all other services. If you live in any of these EEA countries, you can order a Net+ virtual prepaid card.