Best Virtual Bank Account in Nigeria

There has been a rise in fintech startups in Nigeria with many Nigeria virtual banks coming up. It is now possible to open a Nigerian bank account online. You can open bank account online in Nigeria and start funding it without having to visit banking premises. The following are some of the best banks you should consider if you want a virtual bank account in Nigeria.


ALAT is a fully virtual bank in Nigeria that is operated by conventional bank Wema. It is one of the best digital banks in Nigeria. You can download their app on Google Play or Apple Store. ALAT helps you access instant online loans, virtual dollar cards, savings, and money transfer, create virtual accounts and make online payments using virtual cards.

You do not need paperwork to open a bank account. You only need a phone number and BVN. If you are a Wema bank customer, you can fund your ALAT account via Wema bank account. You can also fund it using a local or international debit or credit card.

You can open a personal savings account or a business bank account. With the account, you can pay tax, bills and make money transfers.


Rubies is a virtual bank that offers personal and business accounts. You can download their app from Google Play or Apple Store. You have the freedom to choose your account number, thereby giving you a chance to determine how your account number looks. You do not need to provide any documents when opening an account.

Some of Rubies bank features include insurance, business banking, loans, virtual cards, savings, investments, money requests and pay bills.


VBank is managed by VFD microfinance bank. You can download VBank app on Google Play or Apple Store. VBank allows you to open an account in a few minutes using your phone. You do not need any paperwork. You only need BVN and a phone number to open an account.

Among its features include cardless withdrawals at ATMs, fixed deposit accounts, loans, target savings, business products and budgeting.

Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is a digital bank owned b Kuda microfinance Bank. It prides itself as a bank of the free since it offers free products that other banks charge. For instance, they issue free ATM cards, a free debit card and free money transfers. You do not pay maintenance fees for a card.

Some of the features of Kuda Bank include free withdrawal, free debit card, savings account and budgeting. You can download their app from Google Play or Apple Store.

kuda account opening


Sparkle is a Nigerian digital bank that is led by the former CEO of Access Bank, formerly Diamond Bank. You can download their app from Google Play or Apple Store. The bank offers excellent banking features and emphasizes safety and fraud protection. There isn’t any paperwork required when opening an account.

Some of its features include savings, physical and virtual cards, request money and Sparkle stash. You can also request a breakdown of your spending with Sparkle.


Eyowo is a digital bank that helps customers open accounts in a few minutes. You can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. It is stress-free to open an account with Eyowo. No paperwork is required o open an account.

Eyowo offers the following banking features, debit cards, dollar cards, pay bills, cardless ATM withdrawals, savings account, zero percent interest rate and scan to pay. Besides, it offers loans at zero interest rates.


OneBank is a digital bank operated by Starling Bank. You can download the app from Google Play and Apple Store. The process of opening an account is simple and straightforward and you do not need to be tech-savvy. You can run a contribution campaign using the bank through its Ajo Scheme feature. The feature allows one to invite friends to contribute.

It has excellent features invest money, borrow money, bill payment, savings account and Ajo Scheme. There is no paperwork required when opening an account.


Mint is a Nigerian digital bank and you can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. It has amazing features that allow one to categorize bank transactions, track bills, set budgets and get a free credit score. You can set spending limits and lock your card.

Final Thoughts on Virtual Bank Account in Nigeria

Many people are increasingly adopting online bank in Nigeria for its convenience. Online banks allow one to manage a budget, set spending limits, save and send money. You can fund your virtual bank account using a debit or a credit card, while you can withdraw money through an ATM or credit or debit card. Some of these banks even offer virtual dollar card in Nigeria. You can operate a virtual bank account using your mobile phone through an app.