How to Get a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

Many individuals in Nigeria are eager to learn how to obtain a dollar card. One of the available options is a virtual dollar card, which is a non-physical card exclusively used for online payments and cannot be used for cash withdrawals. Nigerian virtual dollar cards enable you to make online payments in USD for various services.

It is worth noting that Nigerian banks commonly impose a monthly limit on international spending for naira cards. For instance, in 2022, these banks reduced the limit from $100 to either $20 or $50 per month. Consequently, this restriction has implications for individuals engaged in international transactions like importers and online shoppers on platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, AirBnB, Uber, and advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, or Twitter. However, with a virtual dollar card, there are no maximum transaction limits. This article aims to guide you through the process of acquiring a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

How Does Virtual Card Work

A virtual card is a digital payment method that functions similarly to a physical credit or debit card. Instead of being a physical card, it exists as a set of card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Virtual cards are primarily used for online transactions and provide convenience and security. To obtain a virtual card, you typically apply through a financial institution or online payment service provider. Once approved, the card details are generated electronically. You can then use these details for online purchases and payments, just like a regular card

Benefits of Virtual Dollar Card

  • Security. With a virtual dollar card, you do not need to provide merchants with your banking details when making payments, reducing the risk of fraud or unauthorized.
  • Spending control. A virtual dollar card helps you to set amounts you want to spend. This helps you to manage their spending.
  • Accepted globally. You can use the virtual dollar card to make payments across the world. It also makes it easy for businesses dealing with exports to pay overseas exporters.

Downsides of Virtual Card

  • Virtual dollar cards normally last for one year.
  • Cannot be used for physical verification.
  • Not many small businesses accept virtual dollar cards.

Best Dollar Virtual Card in Nigeria

Virtual dollar cards are a convenient way to make online payments in dollars, even if you’re in Nigeria. They work like regular debit cards, but they’re stored in digital form and can be used to make payments online. There are several platforms that can help you create a virtual dollar card in Nigeria. They include the following.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

ALAT dollar card is a virtual card offered by a digital banking platform in Nigeria, ALAT. The card is a prepaid card and can be used to purchase goods and services on all websites and applications that accept Mastercard or Visa dollar cards. ALAT virtual dollar card exchange rate is usually closer to bank rates.

How to Get Alat Virtual Dollar Card

To create ALAT virtual dollar card in Nigeria:

  • Creat your ALAT account through its mobile app or web
  • From the main menu, select “Cards”
  • Then click ALAT Dollar CARD
  • Then select “Create a New Card”
  • Enter your personal details

To fund your ALAT virtual dollar card, there are two options available. First, you can transfer money from another bank account directly into your ALAT virtual dollar card. Second, you have the option to deposit cash at an ALAT agent location, which will then be credited to your virtual dollar card.

ALAT virtual dollar card spending limit is $20,000. This is the maximum amount you can hold in your virtual dollar card.

You can also get Alat virtual naira card. Alat virtual naira card is an alternative to a physical debit card that you can use to make online payments. It is a prepaid card that you can use to make pay bills and make online purchases. It can be used to make payments where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


Rubies is a Nigerian virtual bank designed to serve millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions, and fintech companies. It is a registered Microfinance Bank (MFB) under the regulation of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Rubies offers a virtual dollar card that can be used to make online purchases and international payments. The card is linked to your Rubies account and can be used anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards.

To get a Rubies virtual dollar card, you must first open a Rubies account. Once you have an account, you can order the card through the Rubies mobile app. The card is free to order and there are no monthly fees.

Barter Virtual Dollar Card

The virtual dollar card service offered by Barter was temporarily suspended from July 17, 2022, until further notice. During this period, the availability of Barter virtual dollar cards is on hold.

Barter dollar card is a product by Flutterwave, which allows users to send and receive money worldwide. You can also use it as a virtual dollar card and use it to pay bills anywhere across the world.

How to Create a Virtual Dollar Card on Barter

This is how you can create Barter dollar card in Nigeria using Barter app.

  • Download the Barter mobile app
  • Sign up by entering your personal details
  • Verify your account
  • Load money to your Barter Account
  • Tap “Create new card”
  • Select either a multi-functional card or a platform-specific card
  • Load money into your dollar card

Barter dollar card limit: The limit on your dollar virtual card is USD20,000 daily and the current limit per transaction is USD20,000.

FXKudi Virtual Dollar Card

FXKudi is a platform that provides a prepaid virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. It is accepted anywhere Visa card is accepted online. However, you cannot use this card to purchase cryptocurrency. You can fund your card with you local currency and your available USD balance will be shown to you immediately.

How to Create a Virtual Dollar Card on FXKudi

To create a FXKudi virtual dollar card in Nigeria:

  • Visit FXKudi website or download their app
  • Sign up for an account and verify your email
  • Update your personal information in the account
  • Fund your account
  • Then create a virtual dollar card

Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Wallet Africa is a virtual dollar card and current account provider for small and medium enterprises. With Wallet Africa, you are allowed to fund any of your cards with up to $10,000 and $1 minimum balance. You can create up to 5 dollar virtual card for free. It is one of the cheapest virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

Wallet Africa dollar rate is updated every few minutes, so you can always check the latest rate on their website or app.

How to Create a Virtual Dollar Card on Wallet Africa

To create a Wallet Africa virtual dollar card in Nigeria:

  • Download the Wallet app and sign up for an account
  • Tap on “Cards” and then select “Create your Card”
  • Enter your details
  • Fund your dollar card

Eyowo virtual card. The issuance of Eyowo virtual dollar cards has been discontinued. Therefore, Eyowo virtual dollar cards are no longer available for use.

Eversend Virtual Dollar Card

Eversend is a fintech that provides dollar cards in Nigeria, In addition, it offers currency exchange, saving accounts, and money transfer services across the world. Eversend virtual dollar card enables you to make payments in US dollar online in Nigeria.

How to Create a Virtual Dollar Card on Eversend

To create Eversend virtual dollar card in Nigeria:

  • Download the Eversend mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Complete the KYC verification process within the app.
  • Log in to the Eversend app and tap on “Cards” at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Select “Create New Card” and enter the desired amount (minimum $5) and set a PIN.
  • Fund the card as instructed within the app.

For the eversend dollar card limit, during the verification process, you will only be able to add a maximum of $1 to your card until it is fully verified.

Kuda Virtual Dollar Card

Kuda has discontinued its virtual dollar card service in Nigeria. While Kuda debit cards are still usable for local transactions and certain subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and Showmax, they are not applicable for other foreign transactions or platforms. Nevertheless, users have the option to buy Gift cards on the app to make purchases from international brands worldwide.

Kuda Virtual Dollar Card is a kind of digital payment card offered by Kuda Bank. Kuda is a Nigerian digital bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. You can access Kuda Virtual dollar card through a mobile app. You can use the card to spend in US dollars.

You can fund your Kuda virtual dollar card using Kuda bank account or any other supported payment method. You can then use the funds in your Kuda virtual dollar account to make online transactions. Besides, you can check your card balance using Kuda Bank app.

What is Kuda virtual dollar card limit? Kuda virtual dollar card allows users to make purchases of up to $25,000 monthly. It is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

How to Get Kuda Virtual Dollar Card

To get Kuda dollar virtual card in Nigeria:

  • Create your Kuda account
  • Open the Kuda app
  • Tap Cad on the menu at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap “Get a virtual card”
  • Confirm your transaction PIN, fingerprint or Face ID
  • Create a PIN for your virtual card
  • Then tap Okay

The Kuda virtual dollar card rate is subject to variation based on factors like exchange rates and applicable fees. The most accurate and up-to-date rates can be found on the Kuda app.

Does Mintyn have a virtual card? Mintyn has temporarily suspended its virtual dollar card service but introduced the Mintyn Gift Card as an alternative. With the Mintyn Gift Card, you no longer need a virtual dollar card to make purchases in dollars. You can conveniently use the Mintyn Gift Card for shopping in dollars without the need for a virtual dollar card.

Bitnob Virtual Dollar Card

Bitnob is a fintech that offers virtual dollar card in Nigeria. You can then use the Bitnob virtual card to shop online from any store. You can also use it to pay for services such as Netflix, YouTube Premium, Spotify, and many others.

Bitnob virtual dollar card limits are a minimum top-up amount of $5 and a maximum top-up amount of $250 while you can fund your virtual card with up to $10,000. Bitnob virtual dollar card exchange rate may vary, due to factors such as the global dollar exchange rate, the supply and demand for dollars in Nigeria, and the policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

How to Get Bitnob Virtual Dollar Card

To get Bitnob virtual dollar card in Nigeria:

  • Create your account on Bitnob
  • Tap on “Cards” on the homepage of your Bitnob app
  • Click on “Create MasterCard”
  • Complete your KYC
  • Give a name to your card
  • Enter the amount you want to fund your dollar account
  • Confirm your transaction PIN

Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

The Chipper dollar is a virtual card that can be pre-funded and reloaded for international online transactions. You can easily fund the card directly from your Chipper wallet. For the Nigerian Chipper USD Card, there is an issuance fee of NGN 3,000.

The Card functions like a physical debit or credit card for online usage. Chipper dollar rate is based on real-time exchange rates, which can vary based on economic and market conditions.

It’s important to note that the Chipper USD Card is separate from your Chipper Wallet, meaning the card balance is distinct from your wallet balance. Before using the Chipper virtual card, you must ensure it is funded from your Chipper Wallet.

How to Get Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

To obtain Chipper dollar card in Nigeria, follow these steps:

  • Download the app.
  • Create an account and verify it using your NIN.
  • Set up a virtual dollar card for the transaction.
  • Fund your Chipper Cash account by adding money from your regular bank account.

Top Virtual Dollar Card Providers in Nigeria: Gateway to US Dollar Transactions

There are several reputable virtual card providers in Nigeria offer excellent virtual dollar card services tailored to the needs of Nigerians.Whether you’re an avid online shopper, a frequent traveler, or an entrepreneur dealing with global clients, a virtual dollar card from any of these top providers can simplify your US dollar transactions.When choosing the best virtual dollar card for your needs, consider factors such as exchange rates, fees, security features, and customer support.

Is virtual dollar card working in Nigeria?

Yes, indeed. Virtual dollar cards are working in Nigeria. There are a number of different virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria.

How do I get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

You can get a virtual dollar card from well-known and trusted virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria such as ALAT, Eversend, Bitnob, Chipper Cash, and FXKudi.

Does Kuda have virtual dollar card?

No, Kuda has stopped offering a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

What is a virtual dollar card

A virtual dollar card is a prepaid digital card that can be used to make online payments in US dollars.

How can I get Chipper Cash virtual dollar card?

To create a Chipper Cash virtual dollar card, download the app, create your account and navigate to the "Cards" tab.

Does ALAT virtual dollar card work on AliExpress?

Absolutely. You can use ALAT virtual dollar card on AliExpress.

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