European Virtual Bank Accounts

virtual bank account in Europe

European Virtual Bank Account

A virtual bank account is a bank account you can open without having to visit a bank office. This concept of online banking has been growing around the world. In the past few years, many online-only banks in Europe have received billions in venture funding. Revolut, N26, and Wise are just some of the recent well known examples of virtual banks that you can use all over Europe.

N26 bank in US

EUropean Virtual Account

Virtual Bank Account Providers in Europe

It is now possible to open your free virtual account with multiple providers in Europe. Thanks to European regulations you can use your virtual bank account from one European country, also in other countries to receive payments and make transfers. See examples below.

wittix reviews

Wittix Review: Exploring the Features and Benefits

Wittix is a European electronic money institution that provides personal and business borderless, multi-currency European IBAN accounts. The bank also issues virtual cards and physical debit cards, and supports both incoming and outgoing SEPA payments.…


PaySera vs N26

N26 vs PaySera

Virtual banks are transforming the banking sector at a high speed. With busy schedules, people are seeking to sign up with a virtual bank for easier and faster transactions. Clients seeking to sign up for…


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Fidor Bank Cryptocurrency Account Review

Fidor Bank is a German virtual bank founded in 2009 that offers you personal and business crypto bank accounts with IBAN. Fidor has joined a number of other European banks offering bitcoin bank accounts. In…


virtual IBAN providers

Review of ConnectPay Virtual Bank Account With IBAN

What is ConnectPay? ConnectPay is an electronic money institution that provides a range of financial services, including multi-currency account, personal account, business IBAN account, payment gateway for merchants accounts and SEPA payments. It is recognized…


Monese Review: Virtual Bank Account Europe

Monese is an online bank that provides a range of banking services, including personal, joint, and business accounts. It offers multicurrency accounts, enabling you to hold and manage funds in GBP, EUR, and RON. Additionally,…


n26 business account

Business Account

European Virtual Business accounts

There are free bank accounts for freelancers and small business accounts available. E.g. N26 offers basic accounts that are for free and that offer a wide range of services. For more features and benefits you can upgrade to a higher service level.


European countries

European Virtual Accounts

You can open a virtual account in all European countries. You can use the same bank account from one European country in the same way as in other European countries. Below some guides for the specific supported countries to open a virtual bank account.

person holding black samsung android smartphone

Main Differences Between a SWIFT and SEPA Payment

SWIFT and SEPA are two common cross border transfers. Both payment services make it possible for people to transfer funds between countries. However, while the two are almost similar, there is a difference between SWIFT and SEPA. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank…


virtual bank account ireland

Top Options for Online Bank Accounts in Ireland

Online banking is gaining popularity in Ireland due to its convenient and cost-effective nature. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar banks, online banks in Ireland have lower overhead expenses, resulting in affordable banking solutions. These virtual banks offer attractive features like multicurrency accounts, personal and business…


SEPA European Banking Zone

A Full List of SEPA Countries 2023

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment system of the European Union for bank transfers in euro. Instant SEPA bank-transfers take place within 10 seconds. As of 2023, there were 36 members in SEPA. See the full list below. SEPA is managed…


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