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Ok, so FIRE is Financially Independent Retire Early. You can retire early in different ways. If you know how to live off of $500 per month you can easily achieve LeanFIRE. When thinking about FIRE it’s good to realize what the goal is. In my view this means to never have to work for someone …

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Permanent Portfolio

A permanent Portfolio is a portfolio strategy I came across through The Voluntary Life, one of my favorite podcasts. The core tenet is that you put your wealth in diversified asset classes. The Permanent Portfolio strategy was conceived by Harry Browne, who wanted a strategy that works regardless of which specific economic cycle we’re in: …

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Recommended podcasts

We don’t do any podcast ourselves (yet), but we have some podcasts we can warmly recommend: — especially the episode with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square — Peter started off as a shitcoin trader, is a great interviewer and through his journey became a Bitcoin maximalist. — Jake built his …

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How to FIRE with Satoshis?

FIRE is Financially Independent Retire Early. Many people want this, not many people understand yet how. We’ve noticed an absence of awareness of the opportunities of Bitcoin in the FIRE community. And and absence of awareness of FIRE in the Bitcoin community. A Satoshi is 100 millionth of a Bitcoin. We believe that saving up …

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Blockchain is bullshit

Blockchain is bullshit. If you weren’t aware yet, a blockchain is simply a decentralized database. Not even that decentralized. You read that correctly, a blockchain is a database. The only way it makes sense is in the context of Bitcoin. Yet many people are selling the snake oil. Here’s some bullshit that I had written …

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